never wasn't important anyway

a journal. perhaps diary would be closer to the mark. certainly not a weblog in any traditional sense. introspective emotional snapshots, whirled in honeyfloss to make palatable. an instant, a feeling, immortalised (ha!) in html. a girl amongst an avalanche of words. probably not actual zuihitsu, but as much as i love that term, it's awfully amorphous anyway.

"If writing did not exist, what terrible depressions we should suffer from."
-- Sei Shonagon

| 070217 - give me wings, city lights, bright things
| 120217 - not tragedies
| 011018 - sing with me this is
| 021018 - and i get down on my knees and pray
| 031018 - talking talking talking dirty dirty
| 071018 - the dream the stars had
| 091018 - no, not okay
| 171018 - anti-nostalgia may save a life

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words are Rin's. please don't steal.